November 11, 2015 | The "new" floor of the "Golden Rose" synagogue will be equipped with an efficient drainage system

Conservation is ongoing in area of the “Golden Rose” synagogue remains.


Conservation of the walls is almost complete. Delineating the bimah (the pedistal used during the Torah reading) and two columns that stood at the entrance to the synagogue is also ongoing.


A decision has also been reached regarding the floor. There was a lengthy debate on which materials would distort the history of the “Golden Rose” the least; the floor was to be a neutral element that would ensure adequate water drainage from the synagogue site.


Tiling the floor was proposed to “add a sense of antiquity.”


The idea was to use level stone blocks which resembled those which created the floor when the “Golden Rose” was in use. Experts finally agreed that the best way to resolve the issue would be to level the floor with the help of special gravel of different textures. It was felt this resolution would not draw too much attention to the floor but would provide perfect drainage.