July 09, 2016 | Places of Successful Ideas: Sofia Dyak and Andrii Moskalenko about "The Space of Synagogues"

On July 09, 2016, a Lviv-based Radio SKOVORODA has recorded a podcast with Sofia Dyak and Andrii Moskalenko, dedicated to the “Space of Synagogues” project.This podcast was a pilot record for a “Places of Successful Ideas” project, that has been launched recently on Radio SKOVORODA.

“Places of Successful Ideas” is a new joint project of Radio SKOVORODA, Hromadske.Lviv and TheUkrainians, aimed to find and cover stories of successful cooperation between communities, public institutions and businesses for solving local tasks in big and medium cities of Western Ukraine. At the same time it is a platform to share inspiration and search for partners in implementing one’s own ideas. You can use a hashtag #місцяуспішнихідей to find out more about the project itself, and other podcasts can be found at www.radioskovoroda.com


For the first podcast of “Places of Successful Ideas” moderator Volodymyr Beglov invited Center for Urban History director Sofia Dyak and Lviv Mayor Deputy for Development Andrii Moskalenko to talk about the “Space of Synagogues” as an exemplary case of municipality-NGO cooperation. It is quite remarkable that this very project was initiated by Lviv City Council, so the first question was about why is it important for municipal authorities to pay attention to a city’s past and initiate projects to rethink and acknowledge it. “Lviv is a very old city and has a very diverse city, – responded Andrii Moskalenko. – And we know that the ones who don’t know their past, aren’t capable of building their future. So we have to respect different histories of Lviv and be able to commemorate them decently.”


Sofia Dyak has emphasized how important was it to have such a strong partner as a Lviv city council to vocalize the need for this project. After its launching the “Space of Synagogues” has gained support of many international organizations, but especially was the input of the Lviv office of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


We heartly invite you to listen to the whole podcast under the link below: