April 12, 2016 | The facades of three buildings around the 'Space of Synagogues' project will be renewed

Three buildings surround the site of the Space of Synagogues project. Each of them tells a story of Jewish life in Lviv.

In particular, the building on 7 Arsenalna street, that from the mid-19th century became one of the centers of Jewish public education. Here the first Jewish school opened to both boys and girls in Lemberg/Lwów/Lviv.


It also was a site that reflected multiple visions and views on education, traditions, changes and challenges brought by modernity. In many ways and for many Jewish inhabitants of the city it was a place of learning, vivid discussions and debates.


While the project focuses on the sites were two synagogues and beth hamidrash stood, the Lviv city council foresaw funds for project documentation to restore facades of these three buildings as well as fund the implementation of repair and restoration works. Last week scaffoldings were placed on the facades of one of them. Until last year, it served as a back wall of the restaurant terrace. Today it is researched by experts.