March 3, 2016 | Before and After: Work on The Golden Rose and Beth Hamidrash in the 'Space of Synagogues' will resume in the Spring

Work that was suspended last year, on the territory of the project ‘Space of Synagogues: Jewish History, Common Heritage and Responsibility,’ will be renewed in the spring. Project organizers say that marking of the foundation of the Beth Hamidrash (Building of Learning) will continue as soon as weather permits.



In these materials we offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the small but significant changes which we were able to achieve in the past several months.



According to plans of the City Government and partner organizations, by the end of 2016 the first stage of works on the project is to be competed — the conservation of the remains of the Golden Rose synagogue, marking of the Beth Hamidrash and installing the ‘Perpetuation’ memorial, where the ‘voices’ of Jewish community representatives, who in one way or another, were connected with Lviv, will be heard.


After nearly five years of discussions, consultations, and international competitions a project was implemented on the territory in the Jewish quarter in July 2015.