August 17, 2016 | First stone plates installed to begin "Perpetuation" memorial arrangement

After weeks of work, months of planning and years of research, the first part of engraved stones has been placed between the conserved remains of the Golden Rose Synagogue and the marked site of Beth Hamidrash.

These are nine stones, including the ones with the texts by Janina Hescheles and Aleksander Lizen. Voices of Jewish life in Lviv are becoming more visible and invite us for more exploration and reflections.

A view across marked site of Beth Hamidrash towards the Golden Rose Synagogue remains with the first part of the Perpetuation Memorial Installation:


Many hands a lots of attention – each stone has its exact place:


Rain and work – gray stone gets darker while BG Granite company workers measure exact level of the stone:


Heavy and precise – getting each stone into place:


Together before moving to the next step:


Stella with Janina Hescheles-Altman is about to be installed. Janina’s father, Henryk Hescheles was the chief editor of the largest Jewish daily in the city Chwila and has wroked just across the street. Janina has survived the Holocaust in Lviv leaving memoirs of her experiences. Henryk Hescheles, most probably was killed in 1941 in Brygidki during “prison action” after German troops eneter the city:


“I return in my imagination to Lwów… I return, knowing that my Lwów is everywhere; it speaks to everyone who has been forced from their village or town, everyone who has lost their family in violent circumstances.” This quote from Janina Hescheles-Altman memoirs not only revokes innumerable experiences of people who lost home, lives, and loved ones in the city of Lviv but poignantly reminds us of today’s experiences of refugees: