July 22, 2016 | Green space in development: planting honey locusts

On July 22 we have witnesses the “historical moment” in action – the Gleditsia triacanthos have been planted at the space of Beth Hamidrash to start the arrangement of a green space. The grass seeds were planted at the site as well.


Two fabulous honey locusts have been planted yesterday at the site of former Beth Hamidrash (House of Learning) at the Space of Synagogues. The House of Learning site is a quiet green area and a place for contemplation in contemporary city. Located between the conserved remains of the Golden Rose and the reconfigured site of the Great City Synagogue, this will be a place for contemplating the tragic consequences of discrimination, stereotyping and xenophobia, issues that are still not fully acknowledged and confronted in Lviv and Ukraine. This is to become a place of a dialogue between the past and the present.


We can’t believe, that the project opening is approaching so fast! Should you want to join us on this very special occasion, please save the date of September, 4.