March 30, 2016 | Team of Lev Triska completes marking the foundation of the Beth Hamidrash

The marking of the site of the Beth Hamidrash destroyed in 1943 is gradually coming through in Lviv.

Works have resumed on the site of the Beth Hamidrash thanks to individual donations, additional funding from the Lviv City Council and ongoing support of the GIZ (Urban Project, Lviv). Light colored elements outline the places of building’s walls and columns.


Their location was established in preceding archeological excavations. Original remains of the foundation are protected and separated from new elements. Such approach reflects the project’s principles of sensitivity, responsibility and respect to the site and its past.


The idea of architect Franz Reschke was to produce very light color terrazzo slabs to make visible the building’s original shape. Finding the right consistency and quality of elements was a result of many trials coordinated by arch.


Yet, one of the most challenging tasks was to find a company or contractor who would take production in Lviv and ensure the highest quality. It took months of search to find a specialist who would face such challenge.


We are proud to introduce Lev Triska, who has put a lot of energy, dedication and draw on his previous experiences of working in Ukraine and abroad to make high-quality terrazzo elements to mark the beth hamidrash. Today, as chief preservation officer Mrs Lilia Onyshchenko has put it, he is probably the only person in Lviv who has mastered technology that was widespread in the city during the 1920s and 1930s, but currently is hardly used.