May 05, 2016 | The results of the 'Space of Synagogues' project were presented to the Jewish community of Lviv

On April 19 the ‘Hesed Arieh’ All-Ukrainian Jewish Charity Fund hosted an event where organizers of the project ‘Space of Synagogues: Jewish History, Common Heritage and Responsibility’ made a presentation to the Jewish community of Lviv about preliminary results of the project.


The members of Jewish community in Lviv were addressed by Head of Office for Preservation of Historical Environment of Lviv City Council Ms Liliya Onyshchenko, by Deputy Mayor of Lviv for Development Mr Andriy Moskalenko, by head of ‘Hesed Arieh’ Ms Adel Dianova, as well as by representatives of partner organizations Ms Sofiya Dyak (Center for Urban History) and Ms Annemarie Rothe (GIZ).


Each presentation was accompanied with questions and answers as well as a general discussion.


The organizers told about successful conservation of the remains of the ‘Golden Rose’ synagogue, about marking the contours of the Beth Hamidrash foundations, and about the preparation of the wooden promenade terrace and a memorial ‘Perpetuation’ installation.


According to Ms Liliya Onyshchenko, the first part of the project is planned to open in September. In 2017, they are going to start works on the site of the Great City Synagogue.


In conclusion of the meeting, representatives of Lviv Jewish community signed a common open letter addressing city authorities. In the letter, they expressed their gratitude for the high-quality implementation of the commemorative ‘Space of Synagogues’ project.


They also vowed for keeping the same pace for the future activities.

‘We are deeply convinced that consolidated effort will help us create the first in Ukraine memorial space of the kind’, says the letter.