May 30, 2016 | The lighting system was tested on the 'Space of Synagogues' site

Implementation of the ‘Space of Synagogues’ project is heading into its homestretch. It is implemented on the site in a Jewish neighborhood in the inner city of Lviv. In September, organizers invite you to the ceremony to open the first in Ukraine commemorative space of the kind.

The really large scale project for the Space of Synagogues includes several sub-projects. They include a conservation project for the remains of the Golden Rose synagogue and installation of the memorial ‘Perpetuation’ set. Another important sub-project is to install lighting system on the site of the Space of Synagogues.


The lighting system has recently been tested. The test launch was attended by representatives of Lviv City Council, partner organizations, and experts in the field. According to the idea of a Berlin architect Franz Reschke, the ‘Space of Synagogue’s is planned to have four sources of lighting. They are to illuminate the remains of the ‘Golden Rose’ synagogue, to ‘shed’ the light on the marked contours of the Beth Hamidrash foundation and the Perpetuation installation. The idea of the German architect was improved by Ukrainian experts.


The test launch was meant to select the proper intensity and color of lighting. In fact, it is supposed to be different from the usual street lighting in Lviv. At the same time, it shall not make the contrast too cold. The results of the work could be seen on September, 4.