September 8, 2016 | Canadian ambassador visits the 'Space of Synagogues'

Space of Synagogues is quite a noticeable case of Jewish history sites commemoration in Ukraine. Not only it differs so much from conventional memorials due to its integration in modern urban scenery of Lviv and human-scale orientation; it is also a rare example of a project that was initiated and facilitated by a state structure in cooperation with Jewish communities and NGO’s. That’s why such visits as the one made by Canadian Ambassador in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk and Canadian MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj to the Space in September are especially important for us. They create opportunity for this cooperation to continue and to raise the question of Jewish history in Ukraine to an international official level. Although some time has passed already, we thank again to Mr. Vashchuk and Mr. Wrzesnewskyj for their concern and fruitful discussion!