29 December, 2015 | Year 2015 in Lviv: Cherishing Our Heritage

Year 2015 in Lviv has seen the restoration of 15 balconies, 130 windows, and 17 gates in the city’s historic downtown. Extensive works have been done on the construction of the Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes “Territory of Terror”, the conservation of the Golden Rose Synagogue is underway, and this list goes on. Here is a short summary of year 2015 in the context of historical heritage preservation.

Restoration of stairways, balconies, windows, and gates. The municipality has jointly invested with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and local inhabitants in the restoration of one staircase at 10 Levytskoho Street, 15 balconies, 130 windows, and 17 gates in Lviv’s historic downtown.

Renovation of courtyards and stairways. With the financial support of GIZ, 4 courtyards have been renovated at 6 Gazova Street, 7 Lepskoho Street, 3 Chopin Street, and 3-5 Konyskoho Street. The courtyards were selected on a competitive basis; the main selection criteria were initiative of the local inhabitants and their readiness to contribute financially. The same scheme was used to restore the staircase at 10 Levytskoho Street.

Upgrading of the Lychakiv Cemetery. 11 gravestones have been repaired in the Lychakiv Cemetery within the framework of a Ukrainian-Polish project. All the works were financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The income generated by the Lychakiv Cemetery Museum was used to restore the architectural ensemble of the second entrance gate (1898). Benefactors donated to the restoration of the Baczewski chapel, the Doms family crypt, and 13 gravestones.

Restoration of stained glass windowsA unique 11-meter stained glass window has been repaired in building #6 on Herzena Street. The surviving part of the window consists of over a thousand individual elements that vary in shape, color, and structure. Work has commenced on the restoration of stained glass windows in the building of the former Chamber of Commerce at 17/19 Shevchenka Street. Secondary school #6 now boasts a restored stained glass window, too.

Jewish heritage in the city. Works have commenced on the conservation of the Turei Zahav (Golden Rose) Synagogue. The project implies conservation of the surviving fragments of the walls and foundations for the purpose of protecting them from further destruction and then exhibiting. Construction works have also started on the Beth Hamidrash (House of Learning) located nearby as well as on the creation of an open public space featuring the Perpetuation memorial installation.



Restoration of lampposts. 13 restored historic lampposts are back on Svobody Avenue: lost elements reclaimed; lampposts painted the original grey color; lanterns decorated with a municipal coat of arms made based on the sample preserved on one of the lampposts. Additional 9 are scheduled for restoration next year.

Façade maintenance and rehabilitation. The city can boast of the following achievements: sculpture of Leonard Marconi, a famous sculptor of the 19th century, on the building façade at 2 Franka Street restored; sculptural décor of the attic on the main façade of a heritage-listed building at 37 Konovaltsia Street renovated; sculptural group at 12 Lystopadovoho Chynu Street rehabilitated; building facades at 7 Teatralna Street, 12 Teatralna Street, and 18 Rynok Square restored.

Repairs in the Pinzel Museum. Roof works are underway on the Johann Georg Pinzel Museum of Sacral Baroque Sculpture on Mytna Square and on Saint John Chrysostom Church on Lysenka Street. The restoration works on the roof of the Ascension Church on Staroznesenska Street are complete.

Looking after sacral buildings. The Polish-Ukrainian cooperation has resulted in mural restoration in the main nave of the Armenian Cathedral. Extensive restoration works have been done on the column of St. Christopher in the Armenian courtyard. The conservation of murals of the Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church (former Jesuit Cathedral) is underway. The renovation of the monument to rebels on Execution Hill is complete.

Upgrading of Mytna SquareYear 2015 has also seen the beginning of the reconstruction of Mytna Square and restoration of the Pinzel Museum. Both sites will receive a new life within the next 1-1.5 years. The square reconstruction project includes the replacement of the pavement and all the engineering networks, renovation of the fountain (into a dry fountain), street furniture installation, and new green plantations. As of the end of 2015, all the engineering networks have been replaced and repaired; a concrete foundation for the fountain with all the relevant engineering elements is ready. The works are to be continued and completed in 2016.

Construction of the Memorial Museum of Totalitarian RegimesTerritory of Terror is a state-of-the-art interactive museum of totalitarian regimes being constructed on a site between Chornovola and Dzherelna streets. It will be comprised of four zones: Avanzone, The Alley of Totalitarianism, Transit Prison #25, and a parking lot. The total construction area is about 805 square meters. External construction works are being finalized now. The entire project (internal lighting, installation of video surveillance cameras, and interior finishing) is scheduled for completion by the end of the first quarter of 2016.

Modern architecture in the city. The construction of a multifunctional information resource center (library) named after Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky is underway on the UCU’s campus located on Kozelnytska Street. The entire concrete frame structure is already in place. The building is due for completion next year.

Original link: http://city-adm.lviv.ua/portal-news/society/lviv-changes/229139-2015-rik-u-lvovi-berezhemo-svoiu-spadshchynu